Trick of The Trade Winner

Trick of The Trade Winner


he World Sign Association's mission is to create a community to exchange ideas, educate members, support the highest business standards, and create strong business leaders within the sign industry. WSA members are no strangers to innovation. They represent companies that have been and continue to be on the forefront of technology and winning management practices. From the neon tube to digital printing, the emergence of work-teams to total quality management processes, WSA members readily incorporate superior business practices into every aspect of their daily operations.The Trick of the Tade compition is just one of the many ways WSA members get to show off and share their innovative ideas!

Trick of the Trade Winner: Plasma Rig Cutter For Pipe

At yesterday's Annual World Sign Association Conference, La Crosse Sign Group won the 2020 Trick of the Trade award. HUGE shout out to our Fabrication Specialist, James Aylsworth, for being such an intelligent and innovative team member and creating this trick! Check out the video that helped us bring home the win!

A Word From The Creator

“I just made it out of a couple scraps from the shop. A couple little pieces of round tube, a chunk of leftover black pipe, and some hardware we had lying around the shop. Now it can be attached to any plasma cutter and we create slots and even cut pipe in half so we have two half rounds.” - James Aylsworth

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