Marketing Director

Corissa Miller

Corissa completed her Bachelors in Marketing and Graphic Design at UW-La Crosse. During her time at the University she held multiple Executive and Committee Chairs in a Professional Business Organization, and was a Marketing Intern at The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce. Following completion of her education she started off her career in Madison, WI as a Marketing Coordinator for a renewable energy company, before finding her way back to La Crosse to become part of the La Crosse Sign Group Family.

Corissa is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a vital member of the La Crosse Sign Group (LSG) family. With a strong educational background and diverse experience, Corissa has proven herself to be a valuable asset in the marketing and graphic design realm.

Corissa's educational journey led her to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where she successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Graphic Design. During her time at the university, she showcased her leadership skills by holding multiple executive and committee chair positions in a professional business organization. These roles allowed her to develop strong project management and team collaboration abilities, while also fostering her passion for business strategy and marketing.

Recognizing the importance of practical experience, Corissa took the opportunity to apply her knowledge as a Marketing Intern at The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce. In this role, she gained valuable insights into the local business community, honing her marketing skills and expanding her network. Her time at the chamber provided her with firsthand exposure to the strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts required to drive economic growth and support local businesses.

After graduating, Corissa embarked on her professional journey as a Marketing Coordinator for a renewable energy company based in Madison, Wisconsin. In this role, she further refined her marketing expertise, working on various initiatives to promote sustainable energy solutions. Her contributions included developing marketing campaigns, managing social media platforms, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Driven by her desire to contribute to her hometown's growth and success, Corissa seized the opportunity to join the La Crosse Sign Group family. Drawing upon her background in marketing and graphic design, she plays a crucial role in enhancing LSG's marketing strategies and visual communications. Her proficiency in creating impactful and visually appealing designs, combined with her marketing acumen, enables her to effectively convey LSG's brand message and support the company's growth objectives.

Corissa's commitment to excellence, coupled with her creative thinking and dedication to staying current with industry trends, allows her to consistently deliver high-quality work. She possesses a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every marketing initiative aligns with LSG's brand identity and resonates with the target audience.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Corissa enjoys immersing herself in the vibrant community of La Crosse. She actively participates in local events and community initiatives, further strengthening her bond with the city and its residents. Her passion for giving back and supporting local causes is evident in her volunteer work and involvement with community organizations.

Corissa's enthusiasm, education, and diverse experiences make her an invaluable member of the La Crosse Sign Group team. Her dedication to marketing excellence, coupled with her commitment to the company's success, positions her as a driving force in LSG's continued growth and reputation as a leading provider of signage solutions.

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