Benefits Of LED

Benefits Of LED


aylight savings time has come and gone and I for one thoroughly enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. It's no surprise to you but that means if you have a lit sign, its going to be working twice has hard in the winter. Make sure you are not left in the dark with your customers. A partially lit sign or a sign that is out all together gives your competitors a leg up on you. First impressions matter! Getting your sign serviced and bright is a must as we move into these darker months. Have you thought about an LED upgrade?

La Crosse Sign Group and LED

La Crosse Sign Group has been in the LED game for over 15 years now and is the expert you need to get your sign bright and efficient. We work along side Focus on Energy as an approved Trade Allie to help you get the rebate you may qualify for. I have seen anywhere from 10%-60% (of the cost to upgrade) rebates given to customers for upgrading their existing lighting. Not a bad deal, not to mention the ROI on the lighting pays for itself within 2-5 years.

Use Less Energy, Save More Money

Fluorescent bulbs burn out a couple times a year on average, which means they will need to be replaced. Bulbs + Truck + Service crew + Proper disposal of bulbs = A potentially high bill. LEDs running 10 hours a day can last 10+ years. This eliminates the previous need for maintenance a couple times a year to keep your sign fully functioning.

LEDs require less energy – using only 12 volts.  Traditional fluorescent bulbs use 100 – 175 volts. LEDs also emit light directionally at 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees. There is more light lost at 360 degrees than there is at 180.  95% of the energy used in LEDs is converted into light, only the remaining 5% wasted to heat. Going from incandescent or fluorescent lighting which can draw up to 5-1/2 amps per ballast, to LED's which only pulls a single amp, you can see that the energy savings will be felt immediately. Try out some simple energy calculations and comparisons.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are much more durable than fluorescent bulbs. There is no glass that can be easily shattered due to inclement weather, this will reduce the risk of maintenance due to exterior damage.

The energy efficiency is a benefit to the environment. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is why it is critical to dispose of them properly. LEDs do not contain mercury or any other harsh chemicals.  The lifespan of LEDs is also a benefit – there are not as many resources needed for manufacturing, packaging, or disposal.

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Our Warranty

Finally let's talk warranty, a typical warranty you will get from La Crosse Sign on LED parts and power supplies is 5-7 years. Now compare that to a florescent or incandescent bulb, which are only warrantied for 90 days. This is a complete home run for your wallet. If you have been on the fence, wait no longer. We will help with all the paperwork and any questions you may have. Just ask!

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