Bank of Cashton

La Crosse Signage

he Bank of Cashton is an independent community bank and is committed to top quality and personalized customer service through friendliness and courtesy. They know their customers by name and try to make a customer request bankable with the highest standard of safety, and soundness

They love to support and help their community so much that they even started Front Street Market. Front Street is attached to the bank, and is a space to give the local agricultural and Amish community a place to sell their good.  They even have a few rentable office spaces inside as well!

Bank of Cashton | Cashton, WI | Exterior Color Changing LED Channel Letters

Sign Service Provided

  • Signage Consulting
  • Sign Design
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Sign Installation
  • Electrical Services

The Final Product

The Bank of Cashton really cashed in on some epic signage with these color changing LED channel letters!

  • Client: Bank of Cashton
  • Location: Cashton, WI
  • Sales Consultant: Craig Breitsprecher (Retired 2021) and Kyle Sanger
  • Sign Type: Exterior Color Changing LED Channel Letters