Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family


ongratulations to Joel House for completing his first month as President of La Crosse Sign Group!  Joel started off at La Crosse Sign Group right out of high school in our Shipping and Receiving department, followed by tackling the role of Sign Consultant with much success. Extensively learning the front and back side of this business for almost a decade, it was decided that Joel was now ready to run the family business. On June 1st Paul Fuchsel had the joy of passing on the duty of acting President to Joel, his own son-in-law, keeping the family legacy alive. Here is Joel’s first statement to the company as President of La Crosse Sign Group, followed by a few fun facts about Joel.

“Thank you Paul, for the confidence and mentorship along the way. I look forward to carry on the legacy and high standards of La Crosse Sign Group.  

I want to say thank you to the many people who have worked along side me and taught me many things along the way.

This business is not about myself or any one individual, this has been and always will be about our customers and each other internally.

Our core values do not change but how we do business will always have to change to serve our customers. I will work hard to live up to our core values and ask that each and everyone of you do the same by:

  • Leading with a commitment to excellence
  • Supporting one other win or lose
  • Being grateful everyday
  • Being mindful of our actions
  • Being adaptable to change
  • Always putting safety first

Living our core values will be how we deliver world class signs and service to the communities and business’ we live and work in. My vision for the business is to continue to leave a lasting positive impact with each customer we serve. Helping others succeed and “Make a Statement” through superior consultation, design, fabrication and installation.

I want to continue reach to new customers and help them grow their business and community into something they can be proud of. You will see me still involved in growing the business through sales and making new contacts and relationships. Working alongside the teams in Eau Claire and Madison to continue to grow those divisions and make an impact in those communities.

What you can expect from me; I will work as hard as I can to be apart of the solutions here. I will always try and be straight forward and honest with everyone. What I expect from you is the same thing, please always tell me the truth and what is happening that I may not see.

I ask that you be empowered to do the right thing for our customers and each other. Mistakes will happen along the way, this is human nature, but we can either be perfect and make no progress or make mistakes and move forward.

I am very honored and proud to become the president of such a great team. Let’s move forward together and make the next 100 years better than the first 100 years.”

-Joel House, President of La Crosse Sign Group

Now for some fun facts about our new president!

Joel is a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force National Guard.
Joel has completed multiple half marathons, some solo and some with his father-in-law, Paul Fuchsel.
Joel and his wife, Audra House (Fuchsel), just celebrated 6 years of marriage on the 1st. 
Joel LOVES to golf….even if it’s 38 degrees. As long as the course is open, he will be there!

Joel and Audra have a sweet little Morkie together, Lulu.
Joel started playing piano when he was just a kid, and still plays today.

We are so excited for all of Joel's ideas for the future of La Crosse Sign Group, and know he is going to do an excellent job as La Crosse Sign Group President.

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