Quarter One, Stand Out Projects

Quarter One, Stand Out Projects


very month our employees vote on what their favorite sign installed that month was, and then the winners go in the running for Sign of the Quarter. Here are the results for Quarter One!

January Sign of the Month: Bell Laboratories, Inc.

Bell Laboratories is an exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, producing the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents. Bell has developed a complete line of products - rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, non-poisonous glue boards,  mechanical traps and attractants - to control rodents in any situation.

Bell Laboratories | Madison, WI | Exterior Illuminated Monument
Sign Details:
  • Client: Bell Laboratories
  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Sales Consultant: Bill Rupp
  • Sign Type: Exterior Illuminated Monument on a masonry base.

February Sign of the Month: BeeHive Homes

Bee Hive assisted living all began in 1987 when Twayne Walker built the first assisted living home in Meridian, Idaho, in response to a very limited number of quality care facilities. Bee Hive Homes is dedicated to making the move to assisted living seamless and comfortable for its residents. With a focus on smaller facilities designed to resemble residential homes, the Bee Hive Homes model is unique. It has been their approach from the very first home to take a very personal approach to assisted living care services.

Beehive Homes | Eau Claire, WI | Exterior Monument
Sign Details:
  • Client: BeeHive Homes
  • Location: Eau Claire, WI
  • Sales Consultant: Joel House
  • Sign Type: Exterior  Logo Wall Mount, Exterior Foam Monument (The entire sign including the base is entirely made of foam. The foam was coated and painted to match brand colors and existing brick/stone on the building.)

March Sign of the Month: Waterfront Family Dentistry

At Waterfront Family Dentistry, they provide comprehensive dental care to children and adults. They offer a relaxed office environment, and take the time to ensure your visit is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Their experienced and exceptional staff will help you with all of your dental needs as they personalize your treatment plan to meet your priorities and desires.

Waterfront Family Dentistry | Winona, MN | Exterior Illuminated Wall Mount
Sign Details:
  • Client: Waterfront Family Dentistry
  • Location: Winona, MN
  • Sales Consultant: Jeff Brezinka
  • Sign Type: Exterior Illuminated Wall Mount


Bell Laboratories | Madison, WI | Exterior Illuminated Monument

After a company wide vote the Sign of the Quarter was awarded to Bell Laboratories! We asked for those those involved if they had any comments and these were the responses:

"A unique sign that Tyler accepted the challenge on. He had a plan from the start to build the radius monument. The router cut logo was a challenge to bend to the radius but using vertical cuts on the backside allowed us to bend it to shape. The lighting became an issue, not really knowing how much lighting it would take and getting past the aluminum supports that held the clear polycarbonate protective cover in place. Once all that was figured out, It lit very nicely." - Jon, Production Manager
"Painting the Bell Labs sign was a very fun, unique and challenging paint project. There were some parts on it I had to get creative with to achieve the desired look/effect. A challenging project but one I thoroughly enjoyed doing!"  - Matt, Paint Specialist

La Crosse Sign Group continues to sell, design, manufacture, and install incredible signs day in and day out. Make sure you stay in touch to see next quarter's stand out signs!

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