Joel House

Joel is President of La Crosse Sign Group. He started off at La Crosse Sign group in Shipping and Receiving, then tackled the role of Sign Consultant with much success, and is now taking on the role as President. Along with the sign industry Joel has achieved success in the military by earning the status of Technical Sergeant in the Air Force National Guard!

Joel is an exceptional leader and highly accomplished professional, currently serving as the President of La Crosse Sign Group (LSG). With a remarkable career trajectory, he has made significant contributions to the company's success and growth. Joel's diverse background encompasses his achievements in both the sign industry and the military, underscoring his dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Joel's journey with LSG began in the Shipping and Receiving department, where he quickly demonstrated his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and exceptional organizational skills. His commitment to excellence and innate leadership abilities soon propelled him into the role of Sign Consultant. As a Sign Consultant, Joel thrived by delivering exceptional customer service and providing innovative signage solutions that exceeded client expectations. His passion for the industry, coupled with his exceptional communication skills, allowed him to forge lasting relationships with clients and drive business growth.

In addition to his achievements in the sign industry, Joel has attained remarkable success in the military. He has earned the esteemed status of Technical Sergeant in the Air Force National Guard, exemplifying his dedication and commitment to serving his country. Through his military service, Joel has developed invaluable skills such as leadership, discipline, and a strong sense of duty. These qualities have seamlessly translated into his role at LSG, where he leads by example and inspires his team to achieve greatness.

As President of LSG, Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide the company's strategic direction. His strong leadership skills, coupled with his deep understanding of the sign industry, allow him to navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities for growth. Joel's focus on fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration ensures that LSG remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering top-quality signage solutions and exceptional customer service.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Joel is deeply committed to giving back to his community. He actively participates in charitable initiatives, supporting causes that align with his values and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Joel's dedication to service extends to both his professional and personal life, embodying the values of integrity, dedication, and selflessness.

With his extensive experience, proven leadership abilities, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Joel plays a pivotal role in the continued success of La Crosse Sign Group. His multifaceted background, combining achievements in the sign industry and military service, showcases his exceptional skills, resilience, and determination. Under Joel's guidance, LSG continues to thrive, setting new standards of excellence in the sign industry and providing exceptional value to clients.

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