Trust Point

Eau Claire
Eau Claire Sign Company

rust Point is an independent, boutique trust and investment management company that serves a select group of individuals, families, and businesses. They have tended faithfully to their clients’ needs for more than 100 years. Trust Point has three full service office locations – La Crosse, WI, Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis, MN.

Sign Service Provided

  • Signage Consulting
  • Sign Design
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Custom Sign Fabrication
  • Sign Installation
  • Electrical Services

The Final Product

Shout out to Trust Point for putting their trust in La Crosse Sign Group to get these awesome results!

  • Client: Trust Point
  • Location: Eau Claire, WI
  • Sales Consultant: Craig Breitsprecher (Retired April 2021)
  • Sign Type: Exterior Illuminated Monument with Digital Display