LAX Food Hall

La Crosse Signage

AX Food Hall is planning to open in Fall of 2022 with space for five restaurants on first floor and 6 on the second. It’s a collection of unique, locally owned and developed restaurants with one large stylish communal dining area.  Each of these separate businesses offer their own diverse culinary specialties.  Gone are the days of arguing over what kind of food to eat, at LAX Food Hall you have your choice of the best food La Crosse has to offer.

LAX Food Hall | Exterior Projecting Sign | La Crosse, WI

Sign Service Provided

The Final Product

If you love food this should put you in a good mood!

  • Client: LAX Food Hall
  • Location: La Crosse, WI
  • Sign Consultant: Jeff Brezinka
  • Sign Type: Exterior Projecting Sign