Gallery 1802

La Crosse Signage

allery 1802 is a magical place where those who create beauty are celebrated and those who seek beauty are rewarded.  A place where artists and collectors connect. The gallery is spacious so that artworks may be nicely presented and properly lit.  There are intimate side rooms for featured artists and particular specialties. The goal of Gallery 1802 is to present the original work of local, regional and a few national artists.  Painting, sculpture, woodworking and photography are all represented.  In addition, select commercially-available art objects such as decorative glass, ceramics and functional art are offered.

Gallery 1802 | La Crosse, WI | Exterior Channel Letters and Logo

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  • Client: Gallery 1802
  • Location: La Crosse, WI
  • Sales Consultant: Kyle Sanger
  • Sign Type: Exterior Channel Letters and Logo, Exterior Wall Mount