Curated Design Studio

La Crosse Signage

urated is an interior design and home retail boutique business. It has two interior designers, Janelle Byus and Kristin Boetcher, and an in-house seamstress, Holly Huseboe, who sews such things as custom window treatments and custom pillows. The retail part of Curated sells such things as rugs, lamps, artwork, unique accessories, custom gift boxes, arrangements made with preserved flowers, products made by Natty West, and customized furniture.

Curated Design Studio | Exterior Projecting Sign | La Crosse, WI

Sign Service Provided

The Final Product

Talk about a first impression. Walking through the doors of Curated Studio you can't help but say "WOW", and that is what effective signage does for a business.

  • Client: Curated Design Studio
  • Location: La Crosse, WI
  • Sign Consultant: Kyle Sanger
  • Sign Type: Interior Flat-cut Letters, Exterior Projecting Sign, Interior Wall Mount, Vinyl Lettering