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Decisions, decisions…

These days we are constantly bombarded by choices in everything – from the flavor of coffee we want to which internet provider gives the best service. The sign industry is no exception, you may feel overwhelmed by the options when choosing signage. This post is written with the purpose to help you sort things out and arrive at a decision that is right for you.


When thinking about what type of sign you want first ask yourself the following questions:

What would you like your signage to accomplish for your business?

Will your sign be interior, exterior, or both?

When do you need your sign project completed by?

What is the budget range you have established for this sign project?

Do you have a business logo already created that we will be using?

Start by answering the above questions and then prepare a list of your own of questions you would like to ask our sales staff. Every sign project involves a partnership between our staff and our customers.


More than just signs.

Often times our customers are small businesses. They want to make a unique statement with a building and signage that catches the eye and is effectively representing who they are. While La Crosse Sign Group is noted for creating signs that are a work of art in themselves, we also tackle projects that add value and curb appeal to existing buildings. The Art Deco structure that houses Revolution is an example of how we took our knowledge of fabrication and installation to wrap the storefront in aluminum for a fresh update.  The structure is now a focal point in the downtown area of Black River Falls, WI with its sleek modern entrance that still holds on to the charm of the early 20th century.

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