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February 17th is a perfect day to go out of your way to show kindness to your family, friends, neighbors, or even a stranger. Random Acts of Kindness day brings us all together to reflect on a common goal to make the world around us a better place. By showing kindness to others we positively impact the recipient, ourselves, and anyone who may be a witness to a kind act. To celebrate this day we want to share with you five ways to show kindness in your workplace.

5 Ways to Show Kindness at Work

1. Surprise your department by bringing in a treat on Monday.
2. On your way through the drive-thru grab an extra coffee for your co-worker.
3. Compliment a co-worker on a job well done.
4. Speak kindly of your co-workers to others and stop any negative gossip.
5. Offer to help a co-worker with a difficult task.

These are just 5 ways you can make a difference, get creative and show some kindness today (and everyday)!

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