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It was an honor to help Paralympic Athlete, Lia Coryell, add some patriotic flair to her wheelchair. She competed in the Olympic games in Rio last year and continues traveling and competing all over the world. She is an Army veteran and Muscular Dystrophy has confined her to a wheelchair. The word “confined” means nothing to her.  Jeff, the salesman who assisted her on the project said, “She has a spirit I can only wish to have.” When in Rio for the Olympics, she was told to remove any symbolism that would indicate her nationality as it may offend someone. She said, “I’m an American and proud of it.” She wants to make sure everyone knows that, so she came to La Crosse Sign to have her wheelchair wrapped full of patriotic symbolism. Dedication to our nation runs in the family, her son is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Coryell pictured at the Copa Juan Enrique Barrios World Ranking Event in Puerto Rico


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