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How to Upload Artwork for your Business Sign

If you would like to upload artwork for your sign project, please follow the directions below. Some information regarding file types is available in the FAQs below.

  1. Obtain a vector based graphics file in an EPS format (Make sure to include your business name in the file)
  2. Click on the Upload Artwork link below and select the graphics file.


If you have any issues please give us a call at 608-781-1450. Our staff will be in contact with you shortly regarding your sign project.

Upload Artwork

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an .eps file?

Encapsulated PostScript or .eps, is a file extension for a graphics file format used in vector-based image creation and editing, in programs like: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape. An .eps file can contain text as well as vector and raster based graphics.

What is a Vector file?

Vector files are made of lines and fills that remain editable and scale with no loss of resolution in any of the vector editing programs and across Mac and PC platforms. Think of it like the drawings in a coloring book, the line drawings are the vectors and the colored areas are the fills, in an .eps format you can edit the lines and the colored areas.