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When it comes to signage you may not know where to begin or what will benefit you long-term. As a sign company we believe it is our job to educate you and help you understand your options so you can make the best decision. You may have heard of the term ‘LED Retrofit’ – in general, a retrofit is the process of adding new technology to an existing system. In this case, changing fluorescent bulbs to LEDs in existing signage.

What are the benefits to an LED Retrofit?
  • Your maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced.
    Fluorescent bulbs burn out a couple times a year on average, which means they will need to be replaced.
    Bulbs + Bucket truck + Service crew + Proper disposal of bulbs = A potentially high bill.
    LEDs running 10 hours a day can last 10+ years. This eliminates the previous need for maintenance a couple times a year to keep your sign fully functioning.
  • LEDs are energy efficient.
    LEDs require less energy – using only 12 volts.  Traditional fluorescent bulbs use 100 – 175 volts. LEDs also emit light directionally at 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees. There is more light lost at 360 degrees than there is at 180.  95% of the energy used in LEDs is converted into light, only the remaining 5% wasted to heat.
  • LEDs are environmentally friendly.
    The energy efficiency is a benefit to the environment. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is why it is critical to dispose of them properly. LEDs do not contain mercury or any other harsh chemicals.  The lifespan of LEDs is also a benefit – there are not as many resources needed for manufacturing, packaging, or disposal.
  • LEDs are durable.
    LEDs are much more durable than fluorescent bulbs. There is no glass that can be easily shattered due to inclement weather, this will reduce the risk of maintenance due to exterior damage.


What’s the catch?

There are many benefits to switching from fluorescent bulbs to LEDs. While we have shown the upside, you will want to consider the trade-off for switching to LED – the initial cost. LEDs are relatively expensive up-front. I can assure you the cost up-front will be worth the energy savings as well as the maintenance costs you will avoid in the future.

Can an LED Retrofit REALLY make a different in your own sign?

If you are curious about the benefits of an LED retrofit and how it could impact you directly our team has an energy & environmental impact tool that will show you your energy saved annually, % of energy reduction, the environmental benefits, as well as the approximate yearly and monthly money savings in energy costs with the sign you currently have when you switch to LED.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for information.

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